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What's In Your Dance Bag???by Ksyn Cason

As a professional dancer of 15 years (and counting) there are somethings that I had to learn the hard way. One, not everyone is your friend; Two, when heading to an audition/rehearsal/practice there are a few necessities you will need in order to stay on point... This ladies and gents is a list of what should be in your dance bag! (For professional dancers/athletes)

  1. Headshot and resume' (mucho importanté)

  2. Extra clothes (Just in case you need to change the vibe of your audition fit.)

  3. Knee Pads

  4. Heels/Sneakers/Boots you can dance in (normally the opposite of what you are originally wearing to the audition)

  5. Personal Hygiene Products (Body spray, deodorant, baby wipes, tampons/pads, feet deodorizer, etc.)

  6. Make up/Hair products (For emergency touch ups)

  7. Towel or something to help you with the sweat.

  8. Lots of hydration

  9. Lastly, things to assist you with your warm up (foam rollers, feet massagers, personal massage machine (portable).

  10. You, yourself, and your TALENT!!! Have fun and show them what you got.

Hope this helps you on your pathway to booking that job!


Tanesha "Ksyn" Cason



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